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Why MassMutual Pittsburgh?

At MassMutual Pittsburgh we focus every day on setting the standard for progressive leadership throughout our region. We foster an inclusive environment where everyone works together in harmony toward the common goal of serving our clients and our community.

Becoming a Financial Services Representative (FSR) can afford you many of the upsides of being in business for yourself such as independence, control and making decisions that impact your career without many of the headaches and issues of running a business. All you need to bring is your energy, enthusiasm and drive to succeed.

Whether you're just starting out, considering a mid-career change, or are an experienced producer, we offer a range of lifetime-learning opportunities that meet your current skill set. We can also help you further meet your long-term career goals. Customized training and educational programs are provided throughout the different phases of your career.

Still not sure? Our career sampling process gives you the opportunity to understand what's involved in running a financial services practice. Give Heather Bonomi a call at (412) 562-4437  or e-mail at

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Eligibility applies to only those Financial Services Representatives who hold a full-time career contract (X4X) with a General Agent of MassMutual and who satisfy certain other eligibility criteria.