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Embrace an "intrapreneurial" career opportunity with MassMutual Pittsburgh, where you have the chance to invest in yourself and carve out your own path.

At MassMutual Pittsburgh, we believe in empowering our financial professionals to take ownership of their growth, fostering an environment where innovation and creativity thrive. Pair that with the benefits of best-in-class tools, technology, comprehensive support, education, and resources that drive success, and you'll be well-equipped to build the financial services practice of your dreams – whatever that looks like to YOU.

Your journey on the path to a successful career starts here.


At MassMutual Pittsburgh, we’ll help you kick-start your career by giving you our full support in your efforts to pass the Life, Accident and Health (LAH), Securities Industry Essentials (SIE), SERIES 7 and SERIES 66 exams. But we’ll do much more than just cheer you on as you study.

We’ll invest in you.

What we provide: 

  • Kaplan Financial Education Study Materials:
    • Life, Accident & Health
    • FINRA® Securities Industry Essentials Exam
    • FINRA® SERIES 7 Exam Study Materials
    • FINRA® SERIES 66 Exam Materials
  • Exam & Licensing Registration Fees
  • Exam Completion and Contract Sign-On Bonus


Ian George


Ian R. George

Director of Field Development

Meet Ian



Embarking on a journey towards professional excellence requires a multifaceted approach to training. At MassMutual Pittsburgh, we understand the importance of comprehensive learning experiences tailored to suit diverse learning styles. Our training program, lead by our Director of Field Development, incorporates three distinct forms: collaborative joint work, interactive classroom/virtual sessions, and self-directed study.

Through joint work, you'll engage in hands-on projects alongside experienced mentors, gaining invaluable practical skills and insights.

Our dynamic classroom and virtual sessions provide structured learning environments where you can interact with peers and instructors, deepening your understanding of key concepts.

Additionally, our self-study resources empower you to take control of your learning, allowing for personalized exploration and growth at your own pace.

With this holistic approach, we ensure that every individual receives the support and guidance needed to excel in their professional journey.

Your Career, Your Choice

Your career journey is uniquely yours, and we believe in empowering you to chart your own course. Not only does a career with MassMutual Pittsburgh offer unparalleled flexibility, it allows you to tailor your career path to align with your aspirations and interests. Whether you envision yourself specializing in wealth management strategies or financial planning, working individually or on a team, or taking a leadership role within the firm, we provide the resources and opportunities to support your chosen direction. You have the freedom to explore different avenues and discover where your true passions lie. Embrace the flexibility to shape your career according to your individual strengths, preferences, and goals, and unlock endless possibilities for personal and professional growth with us. 


Get Rewarded for Outstanding Results

We recognize and reward advisors as they grow and develop their practice. Every year, our highest-performing financial professionals receive recognition for their progress, opening doors to networking events and life-changing career opportunities.

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