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It’s an exciting time to be a Financial Services Professional!

At MassMutual Pittsburgh, we strive to empower and inspire individuals, families, and business owners to make sound financial decisions. The role of a Financial Services Professional is to help people accomplish their most important financial goals more efficiently. This career is not based on one-size-fits all solutions, but rather on a consultative approach to understanding and building relationships with clients. With our firm, what you do can make a difference. You’ll be helping people secure their financial future and protect the ones they love.

Join us and have a career that allows people with an independent nature to experience it all – performance-based compensation and personal freedom. We are committed to providing our financial services professionals with the resources, capabilities and support to appropriately address the financial needs of their clients; empowering them to become leaders not only in the business but within the communities they serve. A profession in the financial services industry provides you with the personal satisfaction of knowing that you can make a positive impact on people's lives, and enjoy a flexible schedule, excellent training and outstanding benefits.

We have sales offices in Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania, Northern West Virginia, Ohio and Central Illinois.


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Meet Our MassMutual Pittsburgh Team



Roman A. Matusz CLF®

Managing Partner

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Terrence McAllister

Sales Manager

Meet Terrence


Jeffrey McCreery CLU®, ChFC®

Sales Manager-Boardman

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Sherri Klutch

Investment Specialist

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Ian George CFBS

Director of Field Development

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Lauren Shaw

Marketing Director

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Heather Bonomi

Business Development Specialist

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What impact will I have?


You’re socially conscious and eager to give back. As a Financial Service Professional, you’ll have the opportunity to impact many lives in a powerful way. We’re looking for people with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for “doing well by doing good.”


You’ll help prepare your clients for long-term financial freedom like funding college education, caring for aging parents, planning for retirement and more. More specifically, you will:

  • Develop and maintain long-term relationships with your clients, helping them protect what matters most.
  • Help clients maintain their standard of living in the event of a disability, or after the loss of a loved one.

Be part of making an impact with a community that shares your values.


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College Grad

Chris DePaola 
Financial Advisor - ChFC®, RICP®, CFP® Chris

“I joined the financial services career right out of college – really I just knew I wanted to be in finance, but I had no idea I could be in the industry and have a career that really helps people. It is amazing to see how impactful what we do is when someone is going through one of the most difficult times in their life and there is no one who can be there for them to provide what we do. It makes every day fulfilling. I was able to build the business I did right out of college because of the firm. The training I received at MassMutual Pittsburgh was huge. There is as much training as you desire available - from live classroom to online learning tools to experienced advisors helping out younger advisors, there really isn't anything they don't offer."
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Career Changer

Dave Smarrelli 
Financial Advisor - CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®  Dave

“I am so thankful I switched careers from an Engineer to a Financial Advisor almost 20 years ago. As an engineer I was not happy with my career choice and was looking for something more suited towards my personality. When making my career change, a friend of mine referred me to MassMutual Pittsburgh. I am so lucky to have switched careers at the right time, with the right firm. I was no longer stuck behind a desk all day and I had the control over all aspects of my career - something that my former career could never offer me. I highly encourage anyone who is thinking about a career change to explore one with MassMutual Pittsburgh where you can work closely with and help families and businesses meet their financial goals while building the lifestyle you desire."
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EXP Advisor

Kristen Gratton
Financial Advisor - CFP®, ChFC®, RICP® Kristen

“MassMutual Pittsburgh is a great place for a woman who wants to have both a career and a family! After having 4 kids, I decided to change careers and thankfully landed at MassMutual Pittsburgh. The leadership at the company has always been supportive of both my work and family goals. A career in financial services has some amazing the top of the list is really being able to make an impact on my client's lives while having flexibility in my schedule to still make an impact on the lives of my kids."


EXP Advisor

William Ravotti
Financial Advisor - CFP®, ChFC®, CLU® William

“Switching firms ,after 30 years, is never an easy decision. However, to keep moving forward, and to avoid mediocrity, I knew a transition was necessary. I realized, to evolve, I needed to move. I was convinced that MassMutual Pittsburgh was the right place for my practice. MassMutual Pittsburgh provides the ability to be creative, instead of the groupthink being pushed by other firms. The focus at MassMutual Pittsburgh is on all the different stages of an advisor's career - not just those starting out day one. In today's world, clients want to know that there is a solid and capable organization behind the advisor. During my transition, the Pittsburgh office was fantastic and supported me beyond expectations...and they are still doing so today."




Team Picture

HKS Financial Partners Team

MassMutual Pittsburgh is committed to the benefits of the Advisor Teaming model. Our advisors with expertise in different financial planning disciplines formally work together to offer holistic solutions to their clients. This approach helps our financial services professionals tackle their clients’ multifaceted needs by offering specialization in combination with a wide range of solutions, strategies and financial knowledge.

Brandon J. Shaw, AEP®, CFBS, CFP®, CPWA® - Partner at HKS Financial Partners

"When I started at MassMutual Pittsburgh, running my practice involved joint work with experienced financial professionals from the firm. Working with others, helped provide me with the base level knowledge I needed to succeed, but also opened my eyes to the benefits of delegating tasks to others who are best suited for it. I realized that to run a large, successful practice it’s difficult for a financial services professional to be the protection, wealth management and client experience specialist all in one. So, after five years, I took my practice a step further by forming the Herzog Kistner Shaw Financial Partners team, which I’ve built with individuals who specialize in various aspects of our clients’ experience. I can say with certainty it has improved not only the work we do but the work-life balance of our team members as well as overall client satisfaction."

Career Benefits


  • Access to a team that is well known and respected, with top-tier products and continuous innovation, without being negatively impacted by the short-term demands of Wall Street.

  • Freedom to build your business the way that's right for you. We respect your experience & expertise.

  • Continuous improvement and investments in innovative technology to help you succeed.

  • Ability to build a team that will give you the freedom to run your business on your terms.

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  • Guidance, mentorship and clearly defined paths for success with our team-oriented culture.

  • "Intrapreneurial" opportunity to invest in yourself and determine your own path.

  • Ability to help prepare people for long-term financial freedom, providing happiness, peace of mind and future stability.

  • Support from best-in-class tools, technology and resources that will drive your success.

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Empowering Women Financial Professionals

Our commitment to empowering women’s voices is founded in giving women the opportunity to shape their own careers.  Our ProGrowth strategy is our commitment to recruit and advance women advisors.